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Corrective Physical & Occupational Therapy

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Achieve lasting healing following your injury with physical therapy and rehabilitation services from our center. Our professionals at Whitewater Valley Rehabilitation in Richmond, Indiana, have more than 15 years of experience. Rely on us to create a program that's designed to promote the healing you want. We:

• Restore, Maintain, or Improve Functional Ability
• Relieve Pain, Strengthen Muscles
• Educate the Patient & Family in Postural Awareness, Back Education, Transfers, Gait Pattern & Safety
• Return or Increase Patient's Level of Independence with Daily Activities

Full-Service Care

As your rehabilitation specialists we are commited to providing the highest quality of care to ensure your best possible outcome. We are trained in advanced manual therapy techniques and use the latest technology to get you feeling better quickly.
We design specific exercise programs for your condition and advance you each session until you reach your goals and can continue on your own.

We are committed to outstanding customer service and promoting health and wellness to the community.

We treat conditions or injuries involving the following:
• Ankle
• Arthritis
• Upper back
• Lower back
• Neck
• Hip
• Quads
• Elbow
• Hamstrings
• Hand
• Knee
• Shoulder
• Wrist
• Balance Problems
• Vertigo
• Migraines

Targeted Therapy

Physical therapy can rehabilitate the smallest muscle of a toe to the total stability of the body. As an integral part of our physical therapy program, we will evaluate the home or work environment to accommodate a current injury or prevent a recurrence of an injury. We can:
• Perform Functional Capacity Evaluations
• Make Recommendations to Employer
• Transition Back to Work or Simulate Work Duties
• Educate in Proper Body Mechanics & Ergonomics

Comprehensive Care

Enjoy ongoing relief with therapy from Whitewater Valley Rehabilitation. Our physical therapy department works with our other departments to offer a complete range of services that meet the needs of our patients and the businesses we serve. We strive to be the best at what we do.

Try our SASTM techniques. If your therapy is at a standstill, try this new technique. It is designed to break up scar tissue, speeding your healing time. You don't have to be a current patient to try this therapy.

Prices Are as Follows:
• 15 Minutes — $25
• 30 Minutes — $50
• 60 Minutes — $100
Contact us for physical therapy and rehabilitation services that relieve pain and stiffness.