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Pre/Post Surgical Rehab

Not only is it important to choose the right physician, it is also extremely important to make sure you choose the most qualified and knowledgeable therapists when it comes to rehabilitating surgical injuries to achieve the highest outcome.  We at Whitewater Valley Rehabilitation have years of experience in treating a wide array of surgical procedures as well as using the specific protocols your physician wants us to follow to prevent reinjury or surgical failure.

Pre-surgery: We can provide you with a customized home exercise program to increase mobility and strength to prepare you for surgery and thus optimize surgical outcomes.
Following surgery: We will perform a thorough exam and develop a treatment program to address mobility and strength deficits. SASTM* is a key component of our therapy approach to increase your mobility and decrease your pain. Not only does it allow for a faster recovery time, you are actually less likely to develop significant tightness which could lead to a manipulation or even worse- loss of mobility for the rest of your life which will impact your ability to perform normal daily activities.

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