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Restorative Sports Medicine & Fitness Programs

Your sports injury may have sidelined you, but it doesn't have to permanently put you out of the game. Whitewater Valley Rehabilitation in Richmond, Indiana, helps restore your injured body's strength and mobility with sports medicine and fitness programs.

What We Do:
• Evaluate & Treat Athletic Injuries
• Develop Fitness Programs


You don't have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the sports medicine program at Whitewater Valley Rehabilitation. We are here to help you recover from sports related injuries and return to the peak level of performance.

Our experienced staff is trained to work with professional, amateur, college, and school-aged athletes, as well as weekend golfers, tennis buffs, and cyclists, just to name a few. If you need sports medicine, we are the provider of choice.

Industrial Athlete

At our facility, sports medicine can also refer to the industrial athlete. Employees are physically conditioned to work eight-to-12-hour days, five, six, or even seven days a week.

Many jobs are as physically intense as the most rigorous sports. Workers can't do their jobs efficiently if they are not up to the physical demands. An illness or injury can affect the entire balance of their life at home, at work, and at play.


Sports medicine rehabilitates the professional, recreational, and industrial athlete. It also works with the school-aged athlete.

When a young person is injured, they must have a rehabilitation plan that takes full advantage of their youthful body, their energy level, and their need to get back to full physical activity as soon as possible. By treating individuals and training them to use their bodies with precision and skill, we can reduce the possibility of injury and increase strength and stamina.


The staff at Whitewater Valley Rehabilitation works with a variety of people with different athletic and sports backgrounds to improve their overall performance and skill, and assist them with successful recovery when sports-related injuries do happen. It is our aim to keep you healthy and on the playing field. It is our goal to work with you, whether your particular sport is on the playing field or in your back yard. We will work with you and help create a program that is related directly to the specialized needs of your sport. We want to help get you back to everyday play.

Pre-Placement Screening Services:

Contact our staff about our physical strength and endurance for
restorative sports medicine and fitness programs to evaluate and treat athletic injuries.